Fish Full of Flavor

Fish Full of Flavor

Tuscano Tilapia

6 filets of fresh Tilapia
2 Drizzles of cayenne pepper infused olive oil
Dash & 1/2 of Sweet Smoked paprika
Kosher Salt to taste
Fresh ground pepper
2 whole Roasted Red Bell Peppers
6 whole Hot Marinated Garlic Cloves
¼ lb Fresh Tuscano Cheese, to be grated after fish is cooked
Two handfuls fresh baby spinach
Skillet on med high, drizzle the oil to heat. Cut up roasted red bell peppers (bite size) and quarter the garlic. Put in hot oil. Stir once or twice cooking for one to two minutes. Lay filets on top of garlic and peppers. Salt and pepper fish to taste. Then sprinkle a dash of sweet smoked paprika over all the filets. Cook two to three minutes (depending on thickness) until fish is cooked halfway thru. Turn fish over to finish cooking thru, approximately another two to three minutes. When fish is done, turn heat off, but leave pan on burner. Lay the spinach on top of fish and shred cheese block over the spinach. Cover and let rest for about two minutes.


So Many Cravings, So Little Time…

I’ve been craving so many flavors lately, so I thought I would throw put as many of flavors together in one dinner as I could.. real butter, garlic, spicey, asparagus and a cheese I haven’t tried before. This is what came out…




Talapia baked in red pepper butter and chopped garlic, with roasted asapragus wrapped in capicola and red bell peppers with shredded caciocavallo cheese … Where are those people that can cravings and dreams and such? or is that just dream






What to do with the rest of these cravings? Maybe tomorrow….