Starting From Scratch

from scratch

The best things about starting from scratch – in the kitchen and beyond

* playing with my food 

* taking a deep breath every morning and just Know it is all O.K.

* using all these cool kitchen tools

* knowing that no matter what happened, something else hasn’t happened… yet.

* whether I am cooking or baking, it will take all night to clean up my mess

* my imagination has only just begun this journey


Home Grown to Home Made…

Grow It Make It TASTE It... Just Do It.
Grow It
Make It
Just Do It.

There is absolutely nothing like smelling and tasting food from your own yard… IN your own yard… and then in your own kitchen.


Pick a fruit, or vegetable, off the plant and take a bite…. no seasoning, no additives.
Seriously True Flavor, at its finest.

grab a bag of seeds… and I’ll prove it to you…