Starting From Scratch

from scratch

The best things about starting from scratch – in the kitchen and beyond

* playing with my food 

* taking a deep breath every morning and just Know it is all O.K.

* using all these cool kitchen tools

* knowing that no matter what happened, something else hasn’t happened… yet.

* whether I am cooking or baking, it will take all night to clean up my mess

* my imagination has only just begun this journey


Tired of the Same Ol’ Same Ol’


Florida Grown Sunshine
Florida Grown Sunshine

The whole reason I decided to start this blog is to have one place to put my thoughts, photos and experiments in one place.

I feel bad about my past cooking trials. The kids will put the guilt trip on me for many years to come for only having about six decent meals for them to grow up on.  Now they have to come to me to get a new adventure at the dining room table. THAT is why they will only “think” they are making me feel guilty…. the kids will drive 3 plus hours alone, or with a car full, just to eat whatever I want to make them, now that I like to cook for them.

So whether I grow it myself, or find it at the coolest farmer’s market on one of many road trips, I want to make the best dish possible.  I’m about enhancing not changing…. whatever it is in my world I am doing. Playing in the kitchen is just the most recent passion I love to share.

Hope to see you around….